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School Zone Podcast

School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller and Scott Hooper from School Spirit Vending Matt Miller’s career began in the Military and then advertising space. Twelve years ago he started a simple vending business to help raise money for M.D. Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Center. In 2007-2008, several young kids came knocking on Matt’s door selling stuff […]

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Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn SPI 235: Beyond the Gumball: How Matt Miller Built a Successful Vending Machine Business and Franchise Matt Miller, founder of, started his passive income journey with a single gumball machine. But he didn’t stop there. Matt transformed his business into a franchise designed to help schools raise the funds […]

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Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas Episode: When You Learn to Combine Success With Significance, You Find Matt Miller Matt’s early career was as an Air Force pilot and advertising executive. In 2007 he started his franchise company, School Spirit Vending, which has raised over $3.5 million for education since inception. SSV provides a […]

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Eventual Millionaire170x170

Eventual Millionaire

Eventual Millionaire Podcast with Jamie Tardy Episode:  Making Millions Selling Spirit Stickers With Matt Miller Why the only way to learn your numbers is to go out and fail. What most people don’t know about bulk vending is the same thing that makes it a very lucrative “passive income” type of business. The “win-win-win strategy” […]

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My Business On Purpose

My Business On Purpose with Scott Beebe Episode: Matt Miller: A Purposed, Franchise-Based Approach To School Fundraising In this session of the Business On Purpose Podcast I interview the founder of School Spirit Vending Matt Miller as he gives some sobering insight into the reality that you are not the sum of what is going on […]

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Starve the Doubts

Starve the Doubts Podcast with Jared Easley Episode: Matt Makes Money While Supporting Local Education Matt went from being an officer in the Air Force to the corporate world. He went through a devastating job loss that caused him to reflect and reconsider his future career. Matt started a 10+ year entrepreneurship journey that started […]

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Go & Grow Podcast

Go & Grow Podcast with Mike Chan Episode: How to earn passive income from vending machine franchises, with Matt Miller of School Spirit Vending Matt tells us how School Spirit Vending helps dozens of franchise owners grow their passive income, why franchising was the best growth strategy for SSV, and how it makes fundraising easier […]

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Radical Personal Finance

Radical Personal Finance Podcast with Joshua Sheats Episode 244-Vending Machines as a Path to Wealth and Passive Income: Interview with Matt Miller from School Spirit Vending When I was younger my brothers and I spent lots of time talking about how to make our millions of dollars with passive income. Two businesses seem to be […]

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Retirement Answer Man

The Retirement Answer Man with Roger Whitney Episode 79: Want to Start a Business? Learn How to Fail Forward with Matt Miller Retirement planning is as much about additional sources of income as it is about investments. Roger’s guest today, Matt Miller, has built a company that offers savvy retirement planners a legitimate way to […]

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