First SSV Machine DSC_6873-Edit-Editv1How Do I Get My Locations?

SSV’s comprehensive marketing and training systems provide you with all the tools you need to secure locations.  As we’re literally giving free money to our schools, operators with little or no experience can quickly locate and develop locations at whatever pace they choose to grow.

What Type Of Vehicle Is Necessary For My SSV Business?

Stickers take up little space when servicing and the machines themselves are typically delivered in three pieces for quick assembly on-site.  Most distributors operate their SSV business out of their family vehicle.

How Often Do I Need To Service My Schools?

A major benefit of our equipment is product capacity.  Our machines hold up to 1800 vends when full, so your schools only need to see you every 4 school weeks or so, enabling our program to fit into the cracks of your life.

Do Our Machines Require Electricity?

SSV’s machines require no electricity and are completely mechanical.  They are also extremely simple to use and stand the test of time as their technology has been utilized in the vending industry for years.

DSC_6858How Long Will My Machines Last?

These machines are built like a tank and will last for decades with very little maintenance required.

What Tools Are Necessary To Service and Assemble My Machines?

Two crescent wrenches, a set of pliers, a screw driver, and a socket wrench. That’s it!

How Do I Move My Machines?

Most operators have a dolly that they utilize to move their machines in and out of their schools.  Machines are separated into 3 parts for ease of transport.

Do You Have Territories?

All SSV franchisees will be awarded a protected territory of schools that they alone develop and maintain.  These exclusive territories provide stability for each operator’s business.

DSC_6871-EditAre There Any Accounts Receivable?

There’s no invoicing or accounts receivable with SSV.  Operators collect their quarters directly from each school’s machines.

Where Do The Stickers Come From?

Much of our product is developed and printed exclusively for the SSV team and the school environment.  We also offer licensed properties like NFL, Disney, and the like when these products are available from our partners.  All products we offer are age appropriate for kids 3 and up.

What is the Cost Of Each Vend?

Each vend is typically 50 cents, though our mechanisms can be modified for vends at a different price.

50 Cents? So can I really make money doing this?

To date, School Spirit Vending has accumulated over $12 Million in sales despite being just a few years old. So quite literally, SSV has produced real income for real families one quarter at a time. And for a cherry on top, those sales have allowed our company to pump over $3 Million directly into the schools of the children we serve!