How to Run a Vending Machine Empire: School Spirit Vending

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School Spirit Vending | When Opportunity and Preparedness Meet

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School Spirit Vending | How to Make a Passive Income Stream Using Vending Machines

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School Spirit Stickers PlayerSchool Spirit Vending custom designs spirit stickers specifically for schools. Our skilled graphics team will customize logo stickers with a school mascot and school colors.

School Spirit Stickers Promo

Marlin and Percy Video 2 buttonThe Marlin and Percy comic book series was developed for these apes to inspire kids in SSV’s schools. Comics can be found in 4-Panel form as part of most every vend and are hoped to become the “Bazooka Joe” of our vending machines.  We’re also giving away our 1st and 2nd full-length issues randomly with many of our vends, so that kids get much more value for their 50 cents than just a simple sticker. Watch the video and learn more about this amazing educational tool that our franchisees benefit from as well.

Marlin and Percy Promo Video

SSVR Video buttonSSV is revolutionizing the podcast industry by pioneering one of the first internal podcasts in the country, specifically designed to communicate and develop community for SSV franchisees.

SSV Radio Video