School Zone Podcast

School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller and Scott Hooper from School Spirit Vending

Matt Miller’s career began in the Military and then advertising space. Twelve years ago he started a simple vending business to help raise money for M.D. Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Center. In 2007-2008, several young kids came knocking on Matt’s door selling stuff for fundraisers at the local school. He thought that was kind of odd. He did not know the kids and there were no parents with them. They were essentially going door to door in a suburb of Houston. Matt had children of a comparable age and knew that there was no way he would let his kids out on the street to do something like that. Because of his background in traditional vending and print media, he thought maybe he could help get some kids off the street, raise school spirit and earn the school money in the process. School Spirit Vending was born.